New Requirement for Smoke Detectors

Every year, Prestige Properties offers our owners to have a smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector inspection performed.

This year, we will be requiring the inspections on all our managed properties in order to comply with the new California state law that requires the following:

Commencing January 1, 2015, all new listings of smoke alarms or combination smoke alarms
shall display the date of manufacture, provide a place on the device where the date of installation
can be written, and incorporate a hush feature. This requirement does not apply to existing listings
for battery operated smoke alarms that meet the exception under Provision (1) which have been
ordered by, or are in the inventory of, an owner, managing agent, contractor, wholesaler, or retailer
on or before July 1, 2014.

081014-SDWhat owners should expect…
Owner’s should expect to be receiving a letter in the mail explaining the new state law along with the expected cost to replace or install new smoke detectors if necessary. Inspections are expected to be held throughout the month of October. Any expenses from the inspections will be reflected in November’s statements and invoices.  Any owners who would like to decline this service will need to provide a written letter explaining that the owner will be responsible to bring the property up to code.

What tenants should expect…
Tenants will also be receiving a letter in the mail explaining the schedule of the inspections for each area. A 24-hour notice of entry will be given, most likely a week prior to the actual date in order to allow for any arrangements tenants would like to make if they would like to be present for the inspection. We will also be checking on the condition of any work done during tenancy to ensure work was completed satisfactorily.


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