About Us


We’ve heard it all. Tenants and landlords who are unaware of their rights and the chaos that ensues. What it all seems to boil down to is this:

The foundation of the tenant-landlord relationship should NOT be based entirely upon paying and collecting rent.

Instead — owners, tenants, and even property managers should understand that communication, respect, and a mutual understanding of the tenant-landlord role is the key to a successful rental. To execute this in a professional manner takes an experienced and trusted team.

We at Prestige Properties know that there are plenty of options for you to choose from in the Morongo Basin. But there’s a reason why so many owners and tenants choose to do it with us.

We’re different. We actually specialize in property management… and it shows. 

Prestige Properties is the premiere full-service property management company in the Morongo Basin. Owned and operated by Broker Elena Paulino, who has over 20 years experience in buying, selling, leasing and managing residential and commercial property. 

Prestige Properties treats your investment as an income-generating business, first and foremost. It’s our job to keep your expenses low and your income high, by ensuring your property is maintained and occupied by qualified residents. 

We understand what it takes to make your income property a success. Prestige Properties maintains a high standard of reliability and accountability, and gives owners the true peace of mind that comes with knowing that their investment is in the best hands possible. 

About Our Broker

Broker and owner Elena Paulino started her real-estate career at an office in Palms Springs over 20 years ago. She immediately found herself intrigued by the fast-paced environment of their property management sector. She would eventually move on to develop over ten years experience working with large property management companies. First, as a resident manager for Topa Property Management in Fontana and Irvine — overseeing approximately 75 subsidized units. Then, with E&S Ring overseeing 500+ units in Costa Mesa’s most upscale apartment-home community.

At the top of her property management game, Elena and her husband found themselves yearning for a slower-paced environment. Having lived in the high desert growing up, and also family in the area, they were convinced to make the big move.

Elena came to the desert and immediately found a job at a local real-estate company, where she experienced much success as a property manager. After four years, she became inspired to open her own company, emphasizing mainly on property management.

To this day, Elena stays true to the values, structure, professionalism and competitive drive she developed working for large property management companies, while fulfilling her desire to assist the fellow residents of a community she is deeply devoted to and providing the absolute best for her owners.